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Prayer Team

Prayer is available at the end of every service at St. Barnabas, for anyone who would find this appropriate. You can come in response to something that has been highlighted for you during the service, or to something that is important in your own life. You can come for yourself or on behalf of another. You can spend a short time talking about the situation, or you can come in quietness for an unspecified need, and receive a more general prayer.

We always pray in twos, but nothing you say ever goes beyond those two people (even to married partners!), except in exceptional circumstances e.g. where there is a serious risk to yourself or to others.

We aim to cover every service at St. Barnabas. We will still meet monthly, for our mutual support, and to pray together. This includes praying for those on the Prayer Tree, but not for any who has come for prayer after the service, as confidentiality is a priority for the team.

We are seeking to serve God and each other in his church, and we acknowledge that we donít always get it right. We would therefore be glad to receive any feedback from you as to how you see the team working at the moment and anything you would like to see done differently. We would always be pleased to hear from anyone that is interested in joining us. Please speak to any member of the Prayer Team.

Do you or anyone you know need prayer?  If so, send us email.  We will reply to you so that you know that prayers are being made for you or on someone else's behalf.